Ceramic seriation, sites chronology, and Old Oyo factor in Northcentral Yorubaland, Nigeria

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This study is an attempt to provide a chronological seriation of pottery from Igbomina in northcentral Yorubaland. The ceramic sequence is developed using multivariate statistical analysis. From the K-means cluster analysis, ceramic collections that are roughly contemporaneous were grouped together; next the collections were seriated with multidimensional scaling to reveal whether they form a pattern that may be chronologically significant. Evaluation of the results of the pottery analysis from the Igbomina sites was based on the chronological division of Old Oyo pottery as well as on radiocarbon dating of associated material from excavated sites in the region. Pottery types from Old Oyo became known in Igbomina probably as early as the thirteenth century AD, and continued to occur in some areas until the late eighteenth century. The presence of Oyo pottery in Igbomina has important implications for the understanding of Oyo 's relations with the northem Yoruba group and the frontier position of Igbomina during the Old Oyo Empire.

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JournalAfrican Archaeological Review
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StatePublished - 2003


  • Chronology
  • Igbomina
  • Old Oyo
  • Pottery
  • Seriation
  • Yorubaland

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