Biotechnology and the evolution of molecular medicine

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The molecular revolution is causing a number of trends to occur. These trends will include a shift in medical practice from the current emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of existing disease to the prediction and prevention of disease. In essence, molecular medicine is causing a paradigm shift from illness to wellness. As the ability to predict individual risks for predisposition to disease develops, individuals will increasingly need to take responsibility for avoiding those risks. While profound technological discontinuity is evident now, it is likely to accelerate prior to stabilization. Finally, biotechnology will also become increasingly important on the international security front. The daunting array of ethical, legal and social issues associated with trends in this area should evoke legitimate public scrutiny and new regulatory and legislative frameworks. As we move forward in this area, it is critical that new models for public participation be developed in order to stimulate discussion and debate from an interdisciplinary perspective of the evolving field of biotechnology and the complex issues raised by trends in this area.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2001
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