Alain Plaud, John R. Pritchard, Charles Tiplitz, Richard Green, Verzat, Rougerie, Viviant, Stylianos K. Athanassiou, W. S. Demmy, K. E. Brant, B. G. Hutchinson, Francis E. James, Lonnie L. Ostrom, Owen M. Barrett, John R. Phillip

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Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors of the papers presented: Modelisation d'Un Systeme de Transport Routier Urbain Sujet a Saturation Periodique. left bracket Modeling of an Urban Transportation System Subject to the Periodical Saturation right bracket . By Alain Plaud. Long-Range Mobility Model. By John R. Pritchard. Criteria for Air Eligibility of Routine Military Cargo. By Charles Tiplitz and Richard Green. Capacite et Vulnerabilite d'Un Systems de Transport. left bracket Capacity and Vulnerability of Transportation Systems right bracket . By Verzat, Rougerie and Viviant. Statistical Forecasting Models for Provision of Transportation Services by Rail, With Special Reference to Greece. By Stylianos K. Athanassiou. Design of a Military Air Cargo Transportation System by Use of a Large Scale Mathematical Programming Model. By W. S. Demmy and K. E. Brant. Forecasting Inter-Regional Commodity Flows. By B. G. Hutchinson. Forecasting Models for Cargo Transportation Requirements. By Francis E. James, Lonnie L. Ostrom, Owen M. Barrett and John R. Phillip.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 1972
Externally publishedYes
EventNATO Conf, Proc - Sandefjord, Norw
Duration: Aug 14 1972Aug 18 1972


ConferenceNATO Conf, Proc
CitySandefjord, Norw

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