An unfinished dialogue about problematizing knowledge production in the peer review process

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Elliot P. Douglas, David Carlson, David J. Therriault

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Winesburg, Ohio is a 1919 collection of short stories by Sherwood Anderson. The fictional town of Winesburg is largely based on the writer's memories of his own childhood town of Clyde, Ohio. Winesburg provides a picturesque setting for Andersons stories a quaint rural Ohio community reminiscent of an earlier time when people farmed and owned independent businesses. As idyllic as descriptions of the town appear, Clyde has undergone dramatic challenges since Winesburg, Ohio was written, most notably related to its recent classification as a cancer cluster. Since the mid-1990s, approximately 40 children diagnosed with or died of brain cancer and other diseases. Interviews with residents in present-day Clyde indicate a more complicated, but similarly inharmonious community to that of the fictional town of Winesburg. On the cover of Winesburg, Ohio is a painting by Andrew Wyeth called Christina's World. It portrays a woman lying on the ground in a treeless field, looking up at a gray house on the horizon.

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Title of host publicationContemporary Music Tourism
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016

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