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This chapter considers the concept of practical theorising from an international perspective, examining how it relates to and compares with other constructs and practical strategies deployed within teacher education programmes across different contexts to enable early career teachers to negotiate the relationship between theory and practice. The notion of practical theorising as a particular approach to learning to teach which occurs in partnership between universities and schools, helps focus the scope of the chapter on the professional preparation of teachers occurring within such partnerships. To understand the contribution of the notion of practical theorising to the preparation of teachers, it is important to understand the general contours of the field and why bringing together theory and practice has been so challenging and, at the same time, essential. The conclusion briefly examines the challenges and possibilities in McIntyre‘s three propositions that may support future teachers' practical theorising in light of what was learned from the analysis in the chapter.

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Title of host publicationPractical Theorising in Teacher Education
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2022

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