OHReST: Open Human-Robotic Mobile Networking and Security Testbed

  • Huang, Dijiang (PI)

Project: Research project

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OHReST: Open Human-Robotic Mobile Networking and Security Testbed OHReST: Open Human-Robotic Mobile Networking and Security Testbed This project aims to create an open platform, called ?OHReST?, involving human-robot interactions for research and education in the area of mobile networking and security. OHReST is designed to provide an open platform for both research experiments and education services. The requested equipment can greatly improve the PIs current ARO project Traffic Analysis Models for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks?. Current research work in mobile networks, are mainly carried out using simulation tools. Mobility control, protocol and traffic analysis are important factors that can greatly influence research results. Existing MANET testbed services provide little support on research and education in terms of security, privacy and anonymity performance of MANET security protocols, and interactions between human and robots. To address the above-described issues, a set of communication devices, servers, and a spectrum analyzer are requested to establish a user-friendly open MANET research and education system. A MANET testing platform based on human-robotic interaction and mobile computing devices will be established to implement privacy and anonymity schemes based on existing research results. A traffic monitoring system analyzing the dynamics in communication channels will be established based on fixed and mobile monitoring nodes to provide a MANET protocol evaluation and verification environment. A cloud-based management system provides researchers the ability to control the MANETs mobility in the real mobile and networking environment, where a set of open interfaces and open source software provides researchers and educators the ability to design and deploy their experiments through a web-based portal. To facilitate education in the field of MANET networking and security, the OHReST will be integrated into an existing virtual lab system. Finally, further research initiatives and potentials can be developed through this testbed environment.
Effective start/end date8/1/147/31/16


  • DOD-ARMY-ARL: Army Research Office (ARO): $97,880.00


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