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Latino/a, Chicano/a, African American, and Native American representation among PhDs at the nations major research institutions is far below their representation in the general population. Yet, despite this situation, current efforts to encourage undergraduate underrepresented minority students to participate in science and mathematics through handson research experiences are limited. The continued national need for programs is clearly illustrated in recent statistics published by the National Science Foundation (NSF 03-312) and Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences AMS Notices (Notices of the AMS Vol. 54 (7) 876-889). MTBIs goals are to increase the number and provide long-term support for underrepresented minorities enrolled in doctoral track programs in applied mathematics, computational biology, mathematical and theoretical biology, mathematics and statistics across the nation. MTBI addresses the problem of minority under-representation through a sustained effort to increase the number of minority undergraduate students who apply, are accepted, and graduate from the top US graduate programs in applied mathematics or related fields. We do this through our intensive summer program, through long-term support of our students during graduate school and by the instigation of internal and national activities that highlight the role of underrepresented minorities in the mathematical and statistical sciences. Considering that most of the men and women who lead the US scientific enterprise received their training from top US graduate programs, the importance of training students who otherwise would unlikely be accepted or succeed in these programs cannot be minimized. MTBI focuses on the training of students who would be typically rejected from these programsprimarily because their undergraduate training does not take place at highly ranked institutionsas our desire is to increase the leadership pool (which is predominantly trained at the most selective universities). By providing exciting research experiences in a supportive atmosphere of cooperative learning, MTBI encourages and inspires students to pursue advanced degrees and leadership positions in fields where mathematics and statistics play a fundamental role. The institute provides opportunities for students to conduct research in applied mathematics, statistics or related fields, with the summer research experience particularly focused on computational and mathematical biology. The stimulating and rigorous training and research environment, fostered by the support and diversity of its students, faculty and staff, is opening new doors for disadvantaged students to some of the most selective graduate programs in the nation.
Effective start/end date7/10/097/9/11


  • DOD: National Security Agency (NSA): $378,681.00


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