Emergency Response Hands-On Workshop for Maquiladora Workers located in the city of Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

  • Olson, Larry (PI)

Project: Research project

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The proposed project includes a total of one (1) 3-day emergency response hands-on workshop for maquiladora and local factory workers located in the Mexican city of Hermosillo. It will also provide a mechanism for future hands-on workshops to be conducted by the Mexican management personnel. The proposed curriculum will include lectures, hands on group activities, and a field emergency response exercise on the last day. The Proteccion Civil of Sonora and Hermosillo, the Local fire department, local municipal responders, and the Border 2012 Emergency Response and Preparedness Task Force, will be involved. The workshop curriculum will focus on hazard awareness, personal protective equipment, instrumentation, emergency response planning, and the key applicable Mexican regulations. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of terrorist activities and natural occurring events. The instruction, course material, videos, and publications will be in the Spanish language. Collaboration with the following organizations will be essential in conducting the hands-on workshop: Proteccion Civil, State of Sonora; Proteccion Civil, Hermosillo. Border 2012 Emergency Response and Preparedness Task Force; 3 This collaboration is essential in both the initial planning and the operational phases of the hands-on workshop. The research team including the P.I. and the Spanish speaking instructors are well trained and experienced with a successful track record of conducting workshops in Mexico throughout both the Border 21 and Border 2012 period. Deliverables will include one (1) 3-day hands-on workshop held at Universidad de Sonora located in Hermosillo, Mexico. It is anticipated that the class will have 45 attendees. Stakeholders will include: factory workers; factory management; the area residents; the municipality; and local emergency responders in the area which include: Red Cross; fire department, police, municipal officials, and the Proteccion Civil personnel in the city. The total cost of the training is estimated at $16,600. The project is expected to be completed in 3 months. The prime goal is to achieve a self sustainable program which would be continued by the Mexican management personnel.
Effective start/end date7/1/1212/31/12


  • Arizona Department of Emergency Management: $16,600.00


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