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  • Photometry of 3 {gamma}-ray burst supernovae

    Cano, Z. (Creator), De Ugarte Postigo, U. P. A. (Creator), Pozanenko, A. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Thöne, C. C. (Contributor), Guidorzi, C. (Creator), Krühler, T. (Contributor), Gorosabel, J. (Creator), Jakobsson, P. (Creator), Leloudas, G. (Creator), Malesani, D. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator), Melandri, A. (Creator), Mundell, C. (Creator), Wiersema, K. (Creator), D'Avanzo, P. (Creator), Schulze, S. (Creator), Gomboc, A. (Creator), Johansson, A. (Creator), Zheng, W. (Creator), Kann, D. A. (Creator), Knust, F. (Creator), Varela, K. (Creator), Akerlof, C. W. (Creator), Bloom, J. (Creator), Burkhonov, O. (Creator), Cooke, E. (Creator), De Diego, D. J. A. (Creator), Dhungana, G. (Creator), Farina, C. (Creator), Ferrante, F. V. (Creator), Flewelling, H. A. (Creator), Fox, O. D. (Creator), Fynbo, J. (Creator), Gehrels, N. (Creator), Georgiev, L. (Creator), González, J. J. (Contributor), Greiner, J. (Creator), Güver, T. (Contributor), Hartoog, O. (Creator), Hatch, N. (Creator), Jelinek, M. (Creator), Kehoe, R. (Creator), Klose, S. (Creator), Klunko, E. (Creator), Kopač, D. (Contributor), Kutyrev, A. (Creator), Krugly, Y. (Creator), Lee, W. H. (Creator), Levan, A. (Creator), Linkov, V. (Creator), Matkin, A. (Creator), Minikulov, N. (Creator), Molotov, I. (Creator), Prochaska, J. X. (Creator), Richer, M. G. (Creator), Román-Zúñiga, C. G. (Contributor), Rumyantsev, V. (Creator), Sánchez-Ramírez, R. (Contributor), Steele, I. (Creator), Tanvir, N. R. (Creator), Volnova, A. (Creator), Watson, A. M. (Creator), Xu, D. (Creator), Yuan, F. (Creator), Jakobsson, P. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator), Bloom, J. (Creator) & Greiner, J. (Creator), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 2014


  • Machine-learned ASAS Classification Cat. (MACC)

    Richards, J. W. (Creator), Starr, D. L. (Creator), Miller, A. A. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Brink, H. (Creator), Crellin-Quick, A. (Creator) & Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 2013


  • Abundances from SEGUE Stellar Parameters Pipeline

    Miller, A. A. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Richards, J. W. (Creator), Lee, Y. S. (Creator), Starr, D. L. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Tokarz, S. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Eisner, J. A. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator) & Smith, N. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2015


  • Gamma-ray bursts minimum timescales

    Golkhou, V. Z. (Creator) & Butler, N. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2017


  • Optical LC fit parameters for 179 GRBs

    Dainotti, M. G. (Creator), Young, S. (Creator), Li, L. (Creator), Levine, D. (Creator), Kalinowski, K. K. (Creator), Kann, D. A. (Creator), Tran, B. (Creator), Zambrano-Tapia, L. (Creator), Zambrano-Tapia, A. (Creator), Cenko, S. B. (Creator), Fuentes, M. (Creator), Sánchez-Vázquez, E. G. (Contributor), Oates, S. R. (Creator), Fraija, N. (Creator), Becerra, R. L. (Creator), Watson, A. M. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), González, J. J. (Contributor), Kutyrev, A. S. (Creator), Lee, W. H. (Creator), Prochaska, J. X. (Creator), Ramirez-Ruiz, E. (Creator), Richer, M. G. (Creator), Zola, S. (Creator) & Gonzalez, J. J. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2022


  • Follow-up resources for high-redshift GRBs

    Morgan, A. N. (Creator), Long, J. (Creator), Richards, J. W. (Creator), Broderick, T. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator) & Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2013


  • Fermi/GBM GRB minimum timescales

    Golkhou, V. Z. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator) & Littlejohns, O. M. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2016


  • Optical obs. of GRB 180205A with COATLI

    Becerra, R. L. (Creator), Watson, A. M. (Creator), Fraija, N. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Lee, W. H. (Creator), Troja, E. (Creator), Román-Zñiga, C. G. (Contributor), Kutyrev, A. S. (Creator), Álvarez Nuñez, N. L. C. (Contributor), Ángeles, F. (Contributor), Chapa, O. (Creator), Cuevas, S. (Creator), Farah, A. S. (Creator), Fuentes-Fernández, J. (Contributor), Figueroa, L. (Creator), Langarica, R. (Creator), Quirós, F. (Contributor), Ruíz-Díaz-Soto, J. (Contributor), Tejada, C. G. (Creator), Tinoco, S. J. (Creator), Roman-Zuniga, C. G. (Creator) & Alvarez Nunez, L. C. (Creator), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 2020


  • Exoplanet candidates from TESS first 2yr obs

    Guerrero, N. M. (Creator), Seager, S. (Creator), Huang, C. X. (Creator), Vanderburg, A. (Creator), Soto, A. G. (Creator), Mireles, I. (Creator), Hesse, K. (Creator), Fong, W. (Creator), Glidden, A. (Creator), Shporer, A. (Creator), Latham, D. W. (Creator), Collins, K. A. (Creator), Quinn, S. N. (Creator), Burt, J. (Creator), Dragomir, D. (Creator), Crossfield, I. (Creator), Vanderspek, R. (Creator), Fausnaugh, M. (Creator), Burke, C. J. (Creator), Ricker, G. (Creator), Daylan, T. (Creator), Essack, Z. (Creator), Günther, M. N. (Contributor), Osborn, H. P. (Creator), Pepper, J. (Creator), Rowden, P. (Creator), Sha, L. (Creator), Villanueva, S. (Contributor), Yahalomi, D. A. (Creator), Yu, L. (Creator), Ballard, S. (Creator), Batalha, N. M. (Creator), Berardo, D. (Creator), Chontos, A. (Creator), Dittmann, J. A. (Creator), Esquerdo, G. A. (Creator), Mikal-Evans, T. (Creator), Jayaraman, R. (Creator), Krishnamurthy, A. (Creator), Louie, D. R. (Creator), Mehrle, N. (Creator), Niraula, P. (Creator), Rackham, B. V. (Creator), Rodriguez, J. E. (Creator), Rowden, S. J. L. (Creator), Sousa-Silva, C. (Creator), Watanabe, D. (Creator), Wong, I. (Creator), Zhan, Z. (Creator), Zivanovic, G. (Creator), Christiansen, J. L. (Creator), Ciardi, D. R. (Creator), Swain, M. A. (Creator), Lund, M. B. (Creator), Mullally, S. E. (Creator), Fleming, S. W. (Creator), Rodriguez, D. R. (Creator), Boyd, P. T. (Creator), Quintana, E. V. (Creator), Barclay, T. (Creator), Colón, K. D. (Contributor), Rinehart, S. A. (Creator), Schlieder, J. E. (Creator), Clampin, M. (Creator), Jenkins, J. M. (Creator), Twicken, J. D. (Creator), Caldwell, D. A. (Creator), Coughlin, J. L. (Creator), Henze, C. (Creator), Lissauer, J. J. (Creator), Morris, R. L. (Creator), Rose, M. E. (Creator), Smith, J. C. (Creator), Tenenbaum, P. (Creator), Ting, E. B. (Creator), Wohler, B. (Creator), Bakos, G. (Creator), Bean, J. L. (Creator), Berta-Thompson, Z. K. (Creator), Bieryla, A. (Creator), Bouma, L. G. (Creator), Buchhave, L. A. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Charbonneau, D. (Creator), Doty, J. P. (Creator), Ge, J. (Creator), Holman, M. J. (Creator), Howard, A. W. (Creator), Kaltenegger, L. (Creator), Kane, S. R. (Creator), Kjeldsen, H. (Creator), Kreidberg, L. (Creator), Lin, D. N. C. (Contributor), Minsky, C. (Creator), Narita, N. (Creator), Paegert, M. (Creator), Pál, A. (Contributor), Palle, E. (Creator), Sasselov, D. D. (Creator), Spencer, A. (Creator), Sozzetti, A. (Creator), Stassun, K. G. (Creator), Torres, G. (Creator), Udry, S. (Creator), Winn, J. N. (Creator), Seager, S. (Creator), Latham, D. W. (Creator), Collins, K. A. (Creator), Burt, J. (Creator), Burke, C. J. (Creator), Ricker, G. (Creator), Gunther, M. N. (Creator), Osborn, H. P. (Creator), Pepper, J. (Creator), Mikal-Evans, T. (Creator), Christiansen, J. L. (Creator), Lund, M. B. (Creator), Quintana, E. V. (Creator), Barclay, T. (Creator), Clampin, M. (Creator), Jenkins, J. M. (Creator), Caldwell, D. A. (Creator), Bean, J. L. (Creator), Charbonneau, D. (Creator), Ge, J. (Creator), Howard, A. W. (Creator), Kane, S. R. (Creator), Kjeldsen, H. (Creator), Narita, N. (Creator), Pal, A. (Creator), Palle, E. (Creator), Stassun, K. G. (Creator) & Udry, S. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021