SEMTE: Adaptive Intelligent Materials & Systems (AIMS) Center

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The AIMS Center aims to develop a unified theoretical foundation for integrated intelligent systems based on the multidisciplinary research areas of its members. Headed by Dr. Aditi Chattopadhyay, AIMS is one of the seven Signature Research themes of the School of Engineering. Resources include: MTS biaxial/torsion frame, air coupled C-scan, allied variable speed diamond saw, ARAMIS digital image correlation system, constant power microwave, dynamic mechanical frame, environmental chamber, fiber Bragg grating interrogation, EchoTherm flash thermography, heated fabrication press, Fourier transform infrared spectometer, isotemp oven, isothermal calorimeter, laser vibrometer, simultaneous thermal analyzer, Struers LaboPoI 5 polisher, TCS SP5 microscope, Zeiss LSM 700 confocal microscope.

Contact: John Rajadas, associate professor of engineering.


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