HIDA: Intelligence State (iStage)

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      Matthews Center (second floor) Room 224 950 S. Cady Mall Tempe, AZ 85281

      United States

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    The Motion Analysis Lab/Intelligent Stage is a research lab and performance space dedicated to motion analysis and interactive, multimodal feedback development. The lab has two sections, each with two independent high end and standard motion-capture systems. The facility has sound and projection systems, lighting, and a pressure-sensitive floor developed at the School of Arts, Media and Engineering that is integrated to the motion-capture system. The lab is part of the Interdisciplinary Research Environment for the Motion Analysis (IREMA) initiative, which offers a unique and powerful palette of perspectives to address existing research questions in motion capture and analysis. IREMA also helps create new approaches and tools, and identify new areas of inquiry. This initiative was awarded an NSF infrastructure grant in 2005, which allowed for its continued expansion. The School of Arts, Media and Engineering is proud to partner with Motion Analysis Corporation in its research.

    Contact: Assegid Kidane


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