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    The Goldwater Environmental Laboratory (GEL) is a shared-use facility available to all research staff, faculty, and students of all disciplines. Managed by Tom Colella, the facility encompasses seven laboratories and is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Research Technical Services group. The facility is operated by a team of ASU personnel committed to providing the tools necessary to meet the analytical needs of researchers while creating a valuable educational experience for users. Though most users prefer to receive individualized hands-on training, enabling them to perform their own analyses, complete analytical services are also available.

    Resources (
    -Ball Mill Spex-Certiprep 8000D
    -BET surface area and porosity analysis- Tristar II 3020
    -Picarro carbon isotope analyzer
    -Allegra X-14 benchtop centrifuge
    -CHN elemental analysis-PE2400
    -Wiley cutting mill
    -Seal AQ2 discrete analyzer
    -Lachat QC8000 flow injection analysis
    -Varian 400 furnace atomic absorbance spectrometry
    -GC-MS - HP quadrupole
    -GC-MS/MS varian ion trap
    -ICP optical emission spectrometer- Thermo iCAP6300
    -ion chromatography- Dionex ICS2000
    -ion chromatography- Dionex ICS1000
    -microwave digestion system
    -muffle furnace- Fisher Isotemp 550
    -sample concentration (Techne DB-3A)
    -total organic carbon/nitrogen analysis- Shimadzu TOC-V
    -UV visible spectrophotometry-Hitachi U-2010

    Contact: Thomas Colella


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