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The Electron Microscopy (EM) division of the CLAS Bioimaging Facility is supervised by Associate Professor Robert Roberson and laboratory manager David Lowry. The laboratory is located in a purpose-designed suite in the sub-basement of the Life Sciences C-wing building. The entire lab area of more than 1400 square feet has a vibration-isolation floor, which is critical for EM analysis. Interior space consists of 5 rooms containing microscopes and ultramicrotomes, a preparation lab with fume hood for chemical procedures and sample processing, and a room which houses a specialized instrument designed for high-pressure freezing of samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures. In addition to the life sciences community, the lab provides services to both on-campus and off-campus researchers from various disciplines that may require EM.

-BalTec FSU freeze-substitution unit
-BalTec HPM010 high-pressure freezer
-Balzers critical point dryer
-Denton TSC carbon evaporator/sputter coater
-EM lab materials
-EM technical assistance
-Leica Ultracut R microtome
-Millrock Technology BT-48 freeze dryer
-Phillips CM 12 TEM
-Reichert Ultracut E microtome
-Technics sputter coater

Contact: David Lowry


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