Topographic profile images from vertical separation analysis of key-areas of the Lost River Fault, (Idaho, USA)

  • Simone Bello (Contributor)
  • Chelsea Scott (Contributor)
  • Federica Ferrarini (Contributor)
  • Francesco Brozzetti (Contributor)
  • Tyler Scott (Contributor)
  • Daniele Cirillo (Contributor)
  • Rita de Nardis (Contributor)
  • Ramon Arrowsmith (Contributor)
  • Giusy Lavecchia (Contributor)



This dataset contains 1295 topographic profiles (.pdf format) with their respective ID (same as in the related dataset "Topographic profiles" doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.920949) from vertical separation (VS) analysis in MATLAB. Each of these figures is provided with a legend and shows the VS measurements (in meters) of 1983 coseismic ruptures and Quaternary fault scarps acquired on each of the profiles.
Date made availableSep 30 2023

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