The khmer project v2.0

  • Brian Wyss (Contributor)
  • Qingpeng Zhang (Contributor)
  • Kaben Nanlohy (Contributor)
  • Camille Scott (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Taylor (Contributor)
  • Jason Pell (Contributor)
  • Tamer Mansour (Contributor)
  • Will Trimble (Contributor)
  • Michael Wright (Contributor)
  • Josiah Seaman (Contributor)
  • Luiz Irber (Contributor)
  • Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga (Contributor)
  • Elmar Boucher (Contributor)
  • Pamela McA'Nulty (Contributor)
  • Aditi Gupta (Contributor)
  • Daniel Standage (Contributor)
  • Andreas Härpfer (Contributor)
  • James Spencer (Contributor)
  • Ramakrishnan Srinivasan (Contributor)
  • Bede Constantinides (Contributor)
  • Rhys Kidd (Contributor)
  • Amanda Charbonneau (Contributor)
  • Michael R. Crusoe (Contributor)
  • David Lin (Contributor)
  • Sarah Guermond (Contributor)
  • Jessica Mizzi (Contributor)
  • Charles Pepe-Ranney (Contributor)
  • Phillip Garland (Contributor)
  • Scott Sievert (Contributor)
  • Adam Caldwell (Contributor)
  • Jeramia Ory (Contributor)
  • E. Schwarz (Contributor)
  • James A. Stapleton (Contributor)
  • Joshua R. Nahum (Contributor)
  • Jared T. Simpson (Contributor)
  • Eric McDonald (Contributor)
  • Alex Hyer (Contributor)
  • Greg Edvenson (Contributor)
  • Kevin D. Murray (Contributor)
  • Iván González (Contributor)
  • Adina Howe (Contributor)
  • Susan R. Steinman (Contributor)
  • Sherine Awad (Contributor)
  • Joshua R. Herr (Contributor)
  • Reed Cartwright (Contributor)
  • Justin Lippi (Contributor)
  • Alexander Johan Nederbragt (Contributor)
  • C. Titus Brown (Contributor)
  • Joe Stein (Contributor)
  • Jordan Fish (Contributor)
  • Hussien F. Alameldin (Contributor)
  • Thomas Fenzl (Contributor)
  • Connor T. Skennerton (Contributor)
  • Jonathan Gluck (Contributor)
  • Zachary N. Russ (Contributor)
  • Heather L. Wiencko (Contributor)
  • En Zyme (Contributor)
  • Jiarong Guo (Contributor)
  • Leonor Garcia-Gutierrez (Contributor)
  • Scott Fay (Contributor)
  • Jacob Fenton (Contributor)



The source code for version 2.0 of the khmer project.

Date made availableSep 8 2015
  • The khmer software package: Enabling efficient nucleotide sequence analysis

    Brown, C. T., Crusoe, M. R., Alameldin, H. F., Awad, S., Boucher, E., Caldwell, A., Cartwright, R., Charbonneau, A., Constantinides, B., Edvenson, G., Fay, S., Fenton, J., Fenzl, T., Fish, J., Garcia-Gutierrez, L., Garland, P., Gluck, J., González, I., Guermond, S., Guo, J., & 41 othersGupta, A., Herr, J. R., Howe, A., Hyer, A., Härpfer, A., Irber, L., Kidd, R., Lin, D., Lippi, J., Mansour, T., McA'Nulty, P., McDonald, E., Mizzi, J., Murray, K. D., Nahum, J. R., Nanlohy, K., Nederbragt, A. J., Ortiz-Zuazaga, H., Ory, J., Pell, J., Pepe-Ranney, C., Russ, Z. N., Schwarz, E., Scott, C., Seaman, J., Sievert, S., Simpson, J., Skennerton, C. T., Spencer, J., Srinivasan, R., Standage, D., Stapleton, J. A., Steinman, S. R., Stein, J., Taylor, B., Trimble, W., Wiencko, H. L., Wright, M., Wyss, B., Zhang, Q. & Zyme, E., 2015, In: F1000Research. 4, 900.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    231 Scopus citations

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