Supplementary analyses from A phylogenomic approach reveals a low somatic mutation rate in a long-lived plant

  • Carsten Külheim (Contributor)
  • Tonya Haff (Contributor)
  • Robert Lanfear (Contributor)
  • Reed Cartwright (Contributor)
  • William Foley (Contributor)
  • Amanda Padovan (Contributor)
  • Alejandro Morales-Suarez (Contributor)
  • Lindell Bromham (Contributor)
  • Adam J. Orr (Contributor)
  • Carlos Bustos-Segura (Contributor)
  • Ji Fan Hsieh (Contributor)
  • David Kainer (Contributor)



Contains 5 sections relating to the five supplementary analyses described in the paper
Date made availableMar 11 2020
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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