Supplemental Material, Bierstetel_LSM_Supplemental_Materials - Associations between language style matching and relationship commitment and satisfaction: An integrative data analysis

  • Thao Ha (Contributor)
  • William Ickes (Contributor)
  • Darby Saxbe (Contributor)
  • Wei Fang Lin (Contributor)
  • Julia L. Briskin (Contributor)
  • Michael W. Harvey (Contributor)
  • Minda M. Orina (Contributor)
  • Vivian P. Ta (Contributor)
  • Allison K. Farrell (Contributor)
  • Richard B. Slatcher (Contributor)
  • Jeffry A. Simpson (Contributor)
  • Shelly L. Gable (Contributor)
  • Sabrina J. Bierstetel (Contributor)


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