MOESM2 of Self-assembling functional programmable protein array for studying protein–protein interactions in malaria parasites

  • Gabriela Arévalo-Pinzón (Creator)
  • Maria González-González (Creator)
  • Carlos Fernando Suárez (Creator)
  • Hernando Curtidor (Creator)
  • Javier Carabias-Sánchez (Creator)
  • Antonio Muro (Creator)
  • Joshua LaBaer (Creator)
  • Manuel Alfonso Patarroyo (Creator)
  • Manuel Fuentes (Creator)
  • Joshua LaBaer (Creator)
  • Manuel Patarroyo (Creator)



Additional file 2: Fig. S2. Protein subarray map. The localization of each construct and control in each sub-array is shown. Each sub-array contains 48 spots in total and each array contains 16 sub-arrays. Controls include printing with just clean buffer, BS3, BSA+BS3, cDNA without master mix, polyclonal anti-Halo antibody, anti-GST monoclonal antibody or anti-Halo monoclonal antibody. A sub-array of protein expression using the RRL system is shown below. Anti-Halo antibodies were printed to capture the Pv12 protein on the array.
Date made available2018
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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