MOESM2 of Nanoproteomic analysis of ischemia-dependent changes in signaling protein phosphorylation in colorectal normal and cancer tissue

  • Jana Krüger (Contributor)
  • Helen Moore (Contributor)
  • Lokesh Agrawal (Contributor)
  • Florian T. Unger (Contributor)
  • Hartmut Juhl (Contributor)
  • Nicole Lange (Contributor)
  • Carolyn Compton (Contributor)
  • Kerstin David (Contributor)



Additional file 2: Figure S1. Unaltered expression and/or phosphorylation of the target signaling protein, EGFR, in response to ischemia. An overview of ischemia-dependent regulation of EGFR in normal and tumor tissue of all patients, analyzed by the MSD technology, is shown. ANOVA, Kruskalâ Wallis test and Dunn test for multiple comparisons were used for statistical analysis. There were no significant changes detected.
Date made availableJan 8 2016
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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