MOESM2 of Alzheimer’s disease-associated (hydroxy)methylomic changes in the brain and blood

  • René Hurlemann (Contributor)
  • Steffi Riedel-Heller (Contributor)
  • Daniel L.A. Van Den Hove (Contributor)
  • Katie Lunnon (Contributor)
  • Antonio Del Sol (Contributor)
  • Wolfgang Maier (Contributor)
  • Luca Kleineidam (Contributor)
  • Elaine Delvaux (Contributor)
  • Markus Leber (Contributor)
  • Artemis Iatrou (Contributor)
  • Lars M.T. Eijssen (Contributor)
  • Per Hoffmann (Contributor)
  • Michael Wagner (Contributor)
  • Diego Mastroeni (Contributor)
  • Muhammad Ali (Contributor)
  • Roy Lardenoije (Contributor)
  • Rebecca G. Smith (Contributor)
  • Jonathan Mill (Contributor)
  • Adam R. Smith (Contributor)
  • Gunter Kenis (Contributor)
  • Amit Kawalia (Contributor)
  • Tobias Luck (Contributor)
  • Holger Wagner (Contributor)
  • Frank Jessen (Contributor)
  • Bart P.F. Rutten (Contributor)
  • Janou A.Y. Roubroeks (Contributor)
  • Paul Coleman (Contributor)
  • Ehsan Pishva (Contributor)
  • Alfredo Ramirez (Contributor)



Additional file 2. All Supplementary Figures (1–12) and descriptions.
Date made availableJan 1 2019
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  • Alzheimer's disease-associated (hydroxy)methylomic changes in the brain and blood

    Lardenoije, R., Roubroeks, J. A. Y., Pishva, E., Leber, M., Wagner, H., Iatrou, A., Smith, A. R., Smith, R. G., Eijssen, L. M. T., Kleineidam, L., Kawalia, A., Hoffmann, P., Luck, T., Riedel-Heller, S., Jessen, F., Maier, W., Wagner, M., Hurlemann, R., Kenis, G., Ali, M., & 9 othersDel Sol, A., Mastroeni, D., Delvaux, E., Coleman, P. D., Mill, J., Rutten, B. P. F., Lunnon, K., Ramirez, A. & Van Den Hove, D. L. A., Nov 27 2019, In: Clinical Epigenetics. 11, 1, 164.

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