Measurement of pi- p ---> pi0 n in the vicinity of the eta threshold

  • A. Starostin (Creator)
  • S. Prakhov (Creator)
  • B. M K Nefkens (Creator)
  • V. V. Abaev (Creator)
  • C. E. Allgower (Creator)
  • V. Bekrenev (Creator)
  • W. J. Briscoe (Creator)
  • M. Clajus (Creator)
  • J.R. Comfort (Creator)
  • K. Craig (Creator)
  • D. Grosnick (Creator)
  • D. Isenhower (Creator)
  • N. Knecht (Creator)
  • D. Koetke (Creator)
  • N. Kozlenko (Creator)
  • S. Kruglov (Creator)
  • A. A. Kulbardis (Creator)
  • G. Lolos (Creator)
  • I. V. Lopatin (Creator)
  • D. M. Manley (Creator)
  • R. Manweiler (Creator)
  • A. Maruaić (Contributor)
  • S. McDonald (Creator)
  • J. Olmsted (Creator)
  • Z. Papandreou (Creator)
  • D. Peaslee (Creator)
  • N. Phaisangittisakul (Creator)
  • J. W. Price (Creator)
  • A. F. Ramirez (Creator)
  • M. Sadler (Creator)
  • A. Shafi (Creator)
  • H. Spinka (Creator)
  • T. D S Stanislaus (Creator)
  • H. M. Staudenmaier (Creator)
  • I. Supek (Creator)
  • W. B. Tippens (Creator)
  • W. J. Briscoe (Creator)
  • D.D. Koetke (Creator)
  • D. M. Manley (Creator)
  • A. Marušic (Creator)
  • J. Olmsted (Creator)
  • H. Spinka (Creator)



BNL-AGS. Measurement of the differential cross section for the reaction PI- P --& gt; PI0 N in the vicinity of the ETA threshold. The data cover the incident pion momenta from 649 to 752 MeV with a 1-sigma uncertainty on the momenta of 5 MeV.
Date made available2005
  • Measurement of π-p→π0n in the vicinity of the η threshold

    Starostin, A., Prakhov, S., Nefkens, B. M. K., Abaev, V. V., Allgower, C. E., Bekrenev, V. S., Briscoe, W. J., Clajus, M., Comfort, J. R., Craig, K., Grosnick, D., Isenhower, D., Knecht, N., Koetke, D. D., Kozlenko, N. G., Kruglov, S. P., Kulbardis, A. A., Lolos, G., Lopatin, I. V., Manley, D. M., & 16 othersManweiler, R., Maruaić, A., McDonald, S., Olmsted, J., Papandreou, Z., Peaslee, D. C., Phaisangittisakul, N., Price, J. W., Ramirez, A. F., Sadler, M., Shafi, A., Spinka, H., Stanislaus, T. D. S., Staudenmaier, H. M., Supek, I. & Tippens, W. B., Jul 2005, In: Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics. 72, 1, 015205.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    10 Scopus citations

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