Layperson Perception of Expert Bias

  • Tess Neal (Creator)
  • Emily Pronin (Creator)
  • Emily Denne (Creator)
  • Emily Line (Creator)
  • Open Science Framework (Contributor)



The purpose of this project is to discover what leads people to see experts as objective. Are people sensitive to the ways in which experts are susceptible to bias? Do people have unwarranted faith in the objectivity of expert judgment? We predict people will have too much faith in experts, erroneously believing they are protected against various biases. Serious consequences might result from such an illusion of objectivity, including misplaced confidence in expert judgment and underappreciation of the value of bias mitigating procedures. In addition to studying whether these predictions are true, we also seek to understand why they might be true. Why are some experts seen as more objective than others?
Date made available2022
PublisherOpen Science Framework

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