Internal morphology point clouds of lunar pits



This archive contains point clouds showing the internal geometry of six pits on the Moon. These point clouds were generated via manual feature matching in "oblique stereo pairs": pairs of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Narrow Angle Camera (LROC NAC) images at two different off-nadir angles observing one wall of a pit under similar lighting conditions. These images have pixel scales of ~0.3-2.2 m/pixel, allowing the creation of point clouds with point spacing on the order of 5-10 m, depending on the density of identifiable features on the pit walls. The manually-generated point clouds from multiple stereo pairs have been merged together, and aligned to and merged with dense digital terrain models (DTMs) from more nadir-looking NAC stereo images where available, to produce point clouds that cover the upper walls, floors, and immediate surroundings of the pits. For a full description of the processing method, see Wagner and Robinson (2022), linked in this archive's metadata. This archive contains models for the following pits: Lacus Mortis Pit (LMP) Mare Ingenii Pit (MIP) Mare Tranquillitatis Pit (MTP) Marius Hills Pit (MHP) Schlüter Crater Pit (SCP) Southwest Mare Fecunditatis Pit (SWFP)
Date made availableJul 25 2022

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