Herb species occurrence data across the US

  • William D. Bowman (Contributor)
  • Bethany K. Schulz (Contributor)
  • Linda H. Geiser (Contributor)
  • Donald M. Waller (Contributor)
  • Edith B. Allen (Contributor)
  • Scott L. Collins (Contributor)
  • Linda H. Pardo (Contributor)
  • Christopher M. Clark (Contributor)
  • Samuel M. Simkin (Contributor)
  • Carly J. Stevens (Contributor)
  • M. L. Brooks (Contributor)
  • Heather Throop (Contributor)
  • Katharine N. Suding (Contributor)
  • Sarah E. Jovan (Contributor)
  • Jayne Belnap (Contributor)
  • Frank S. Gilliam (Contributor)



This is a dataset of the abundance of herbaceous species across ~15,000 plots across the US, along with related site date (e.g. climate, soil pH, etc.).
Date made availableJul 1 2019
PublisherEnvironmental Protection Agency

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