Genome data from the Florida carpenter ant (Camponotus floridanus)

  • Roberto Bonasio (Creator)
  • Guojie Zhang (Creator)
  • Chaoyang Ye (Creator)
  • Navdeep S. Mutti (Creator)
  • Xiaodong Fang (Creator)
  • Nan Qin (Creator)
  • Greg Donahue (Creator)
  • Pengcheng Yang (Creator)
  • Qiye Li (Creator)
  • Cai Li (Creator)
  • Pei Zhang (Creator)
  • Zhiyong Huang (Creator)
  • Shelley L. Berger (Creator)
  • Danny Reinberg (Creator)
  • Jun Wang (Creator)
  • Juergen Liebig (Creator)
  • J. Wang (Creator)



Here we present the sequenced genome of the Florida carpenter ant (Camponotus floridanus), a species with an organized caste society. As an eusocial species, its genome offers interesting insights into aging, epigenetics and animal behavior. The Illumina Genome Analyzer platform was used to sequence a genomic library of the Florida carpenter ant, obtaining more than 100-fold coverage. The draft genomic assembly reached a scaffold N50 size of ~600 Kb and covers more than 90% of the approximately 240 Mb genome.
Date made availableNov 12 2011

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