Fluorescence computed tomography of live single cells using optical light-sheet illumination

  • Bin Cao (Creator)
  • Rishabh M. Shetty (Contributor)
  • Dean Smith (Creator)
  • Laimonas Kelbauskas (Creator)
  • Deirdre Meldrum (Creator)



Abstract: We present a new approach for three-dimensional (3D) live single-cell imaging with isotropic sub-micron spatial resolution using fluorescence computed tomography (fCT). A thin, highly inclined and laminated optical (HILO) sheet of light is used for fluorescence excitation in live single cells that are rotated around an axis perpendicular the optical axis. During a full rotation, 400-500 two-dimensional (2D) projection images of the cell are acquired from multiple viewing perspectives by rapidly scanning the HILO light sheet along the optical axis. We report technical characteristics of the HILO approach and the results of a quantitative comparison with conventional epi fCT, demonstrating that HILO fCT offers significantly (about 17 times) reduced photobleaching and a two-fold improvement in 3D imaging contrast. We discuss potential application areas of the method for cell structure studies in live single cells with isotropic 3D spatial resolution.
Date made available2018

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