Figure 3 in A checklist of the non-leaf-cutting fungus-growing ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Colombia, with new biogeographic records

  • Daniela Mera-Rodríguez (Contributor)
  • Francisco Serna (Contributor)
  • Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo (Contributor)
  • John E. Lattke (Contributor)
  • Christian Rabeling (Contributor)



Figure 3. Apterostigma species encountered in Colombia. A, B. Apterostigma chocoense, CASENT0922037. C, D. Apterostigma collare, CASENT0922041. E, F. Apterostigmadentigerum, CASENT0922039. G, H. Apterostigma goniodes, CASENT0922040. Photographs taken by M. Esposito obtained from the Antweb database (
Date made available2020

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