Figure 3. Azotoctla gomezi male. A in Description and phylogeny of a new Neotropical genus of Acalyptini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Curculioninae) associated with the staminodes of Cyclanthaceae

  • Juliana Cardona-Duque (Contributor)
  • Nico Franz (Contributor)



Figure 3. Azotoctla gomezi male. A, metendosternite; B, wing (zoom on setae of the stigmal patch); C, abdomen, ventral view; D, abdomen, dorsal view, arrow showing strigate regions; E, tergites 6 and 7 with strigate regions. Abbreviations: 3A, third anal vein; aa, anal angle; af, apical fold; al, anal lobe; app, anterior part of postradial stripe; C, costa vein; Cu, cubital vein; mst, medial stripe; pp, posthumeral patch; ppp, posterior part of postradial stripe; R, radial vein; rf, radial fold; rs, radial sclerite; rsc, radial sclerotization; rst, radial stripe; Sc, subcosta vein; sp, stigmal patch.
Date made available2012

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