Fig. S2 - Blob.pdf from A single-cell genome reveals diplonemid-like ancestry of kinetoplastid mitochondrial gene structure

  • Thomas A. Richards (Contributor)
  • Guy Leonard (Contributor)
  • Jeremy Wideman (Contributor)
  • David S. Milner (Contributor)
  • Gordon Lax (Contributor)
  • Alastair G B Simpson (Contributor)
  • Raquel Rodríguez-Martínez (Contributor)



Figure S2. Blobplot of SAG D1 >1000 bp assembly. Blobtools [30] was used to plot GC content against mean coverage. megaBLAST hits to the NCBI nt database are coloured to indicate top taxa hits. The top genus hits are kinetoplastids.
Date made availableJan 1 2019
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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