Fig. 36 in Description of two new species and phylogenetic reassessment of Perelleschus O'Brien & Wibmer, 1986 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), with a complete taxonomic concept history of Perelleschus sec. Franz & Cardona-Duque, 2013

  • Nico Franz (Contributor)
  • Juliana Cardona-Duque (Contributor)



Fig. 36. Reference cladogram of the species of Perelleschus sec. Franz & Cardona-Duque (2013) and select outgroup taxa according to the single most parsimonious cladogram with two unresolved internal trichotomies (L = 30; CI = 80; CI = 87). Character 6 is mapped under ACCTRAN optimization (Agnarsson & Miller, 2008); all other characters have unambiguous optimizations. Black rectangles represent single, nonhomoplasious character state transformations; whereas white rectangles represent multiple, homoplasious character state transformations. The small numbers above and below each rectangle correspond to character numbers and states, respectively. The larger numbers displayed at the left end of each branch represent relative Bremer support values.
Date made availableDec 31 2013

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