Data for: Thallium isotope ratios in shales from South China and northwestern Canada suggest widespread O2 accumulation in marine bottom waters was an uncommon occurrence during the Ediacaran Period

  • Chadlin M. Ostrander (Contributor)
  • Erik A. Sperling (Contributor)
  • Sune G. Nielsen (Contributor)
  • Xinming Chen (Contributor)
  • Ariel Anbar (Contributor)
  • Jeremy D. Owens (Contributor)
  • G. Jiang (Contributor)
  • Swapan K. Sahoo (Contributor)
  • Yunchao Shu (Contributor)
  • David T. Johnston (Contributor)
  • Timothy W. Lyons (Contributor)



Thallium isotope data from Ediacaran-aged shales from South China (Doushantuo Member IV) and northwestern Canada (Sheepbed Formation, Nadaleen Formation, Blueflower Formation).
Date made availableAug 27 2020
PublisherMendeley Data

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