Data for: Exposure to artificial light at night increases innate immune activity during development in a precocial bird

  • Chandan Saini (Contributor)
  • Pierce Hutton (Creator)
  • Sisi Gao (Contributor)
  • Richard K. Simpson (Contributor)
  • Mathieu Giraudeau (Contributor)
  • Tuul Sepp (Contributor)
  • Emily Webb (Contributor)
  • Kevin McGraw (Contributor)



Data include individual identifiers (bird ID), the week during which data were collected, bactericidal activity (BKA), the treatment applied to each individual (Treatment), the experimental period (Period), the sex of each individual (Sex), and the morphotype of each individual (Morphotype).
Date made availableApr 12 2019
PublisherMendeley Data

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