Brain RNA-seq during the worker-gamergate transitions in Harpegnathos ants

  • Janko Gospocic (Contributor)
  • Emily J. Shields (Contributor)
  • Juergen Liebig (Contributor)
  • Roberto Bonasio (Contributor)



Accession Number: GSE83804

GPL14138: Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Harpegnathos saltator)

Organism: Harpegnathos saltator

Published on 2017-08-10

Harpegnathos workers were induced to transition to reproductive gamergates and mRNA from their brains was sequenced to determine changes in gene expression at different time points (0, 6, 13, and 110 days after transition onset)

Overall Design:
Ants were removed from their original colony at d0 and placed in boxes lacking a dominant reproductive. Dueling was monitored and the top three individuals displaying the most dueling were collected 6 and 13 days later. Pre-transfer individuals (d0) and stable gamergates at d110 were also harvested. Whole brains (including optic lobes) were dissected and processed for RNA-seq.

Name: Roberto Bonasio
Organization: University of Pennsylvania
Laboratory: Roberto Bonasio
Deparment: Cell and Developmental Biology
Address: 3400 Civic Center Blvd., 9th floor Philadelphia PA 19104 USA

Organization: GEO
Address: USA
Date made availableJun 28 2016
PublisherGene Expression Omnibus

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