B213 filament 150 and 260GHz emission maps

  • A. Bracco (Creator)
  • P. Palmeirim (Creator)
  • P. André (Contributor)
  • R. Adam (Creator)
  • Peter A R Ade (Creator)
  • A. Bacmann (Creator)
  • A. Beelen (Creator)
  • A. Benoit (Contributor)
  • A. Bideaud (Creator)
  • N. Billot (Creator)
  • O. Bourrion (Creator)
  • M. Calvo (Creator)
  • A. Catalano (Creator)
  • G. Coiffard (Creator)
  • B. Comis (Creator)
  • A. D’Addabbo (Contributor)
  • F. X. Désert (Contributor)
  • P. Didelon (Creator)
  • S. Doyle (Creator)
  • J. Goupy (Creator)
  • V. Könyves (Contributor)
  • C. Kramer (Creator)
  • G. Lagache (Creator)
  • S. Leclercq (Creator)
  • J. F. Macias-Perez (Contributor)
  • A. Maury (Creator)
  • Philip Mauskopf (Creator)
  • F. Mayet (Creator)
  • Alessandro Monfardini (Creator)
  • F. Motte (Creator)
  • F. Pajot (Creator)
  • Enzo Pascale (Creator)
  • N. Peretto (Creator)
  • L. Perotto (Creator)
  • G. Pisano (Creator)
  • N. Ponthieu (Creator)
  • V. Revéret (Contributor)
  • A. Rigby (Creator)
  • A. Ritacco (Creator)
  • L. Rodriguez (Creator)
  • C. Romero (Creator)
  • Arabindo Roy (Creator)
  • F. Ruppin (Creator)
  • K. Schuster (Creator)
  • A. Sievers (Creator)
  • S. Triqueneaux (Creator)
  • Carole Tucker (Creator)
  • R. Zylka (Creator)
  • P. André (Creator)
  • R. Adam (Creator)
  • M. Calvo (Creator)
  • A. Catalano (Creator)
  • S. Doyle (Creator)
  • C. Kramer (Creator)
  • G. Lagache (Creator)
  • A. Ritacco (Creator)
  • L. Rodriguez (Creator)
  • K. Schuster (Creator)
  • A. Sievers (Creator)


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  • 2017

    Probing changes of dust properties along a chain of solar-type prestellar and protostellar cores in Taurus with NIKA

    Bracco, A., Palmeirim, P., André, P., Adam, R., Ade, P., Bacmann, A., Beelen, A., Benoît, A., Bideaud, A., Billot, N., Bourrion, O., Calvo, M., Catalano, A., Coiffard, G., Comis, B., D'addabbo, A., Désert, F. X., Didelon, P., Doyle, S., Goupy, J., & 28 othersKönyves, V., Kramer, C., Lagache, G., Leclercq, S., Macías-Pérez, J. F., Maury, A., Mauskopf, P., Mayet, F., Monfardini, A., Motte, F., Pajot, F., Pascale, E., Peretto, N., Perotto, L., Pisano, G., Ponthieu, N., Revéret, V., Rigby, A., Ritacco, A., Rodriguez, L., Romero, C., Roy, A., Ruppin, F., Schuster, K., Sievers, A., Triqueneaux, S., Tucker, C. & Zylka, R., Aug 1 2017, In: Astronomy and Astrophysics. 604, A52.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    40 Scopus citations