Applying planetary mapping methods to submarine environments: onshore-offshore geomorphology of Christiana-Santorini-Kolumbo Volcanic Group, Greece

  • Alexandra E. Huff (Creator)
  • Paraskevi Nomikou (Creator)
  • Lisa A. Thompson (Creator)
  • Emilie E. E. Hooft (Creator)
  • Ian J. Walker (Creator)



Geologic maps are foundational products for natural hazard assessments but developing them for submarine areas is challenging due to a lack of physical access to the study area. In response, submarine geomorphologic maps are used to provide geologic context and spatial information on landforms and related geo-hazards for risk management. These maps are generated from remotely sensed data, e.g. digital elevation models (DEMs), which introduce unique hurdles to submarine mapping. To address this issue, we produced a workflow for applying planetary geologic mapping methods to submarine data. Using this, we created an onshore-offshore geomorphologic map of the Christiana-Santorini-Kolumbo Volcanic Group, Greece. This product can be used to enhance hazard assessments on Santorini, which is a tourist hot-spot at high risk for volcanically- and seismically-induced hazards. We present this workflow as a tool for generating uniform geomorphologic map products that will aid natural hazard assessments of submarine environments.
Date made available2021
PublisherTaylor & Francis

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