An epigenetic aging analysis of randomized metformin and weight loss interventions in overweight postmenopausal breast cancer survivors

  • Jamaji C. Nwanaji-Enwerem (Creator)
  • Felicia Fei Lei Chung (Creator)
  • Lars Van der Laan (Creator)
  • Alexei Novoloaca (Creator)
  • Cyrille Cuenin (Creator)
  • Harriet Johansson (Creator)
  • Bernardo Bonanni (Creator)
  • Alan E. Hubbard (Creator)
  • Martyn T. Smith (Creator)
  • Sheri J. Hartman (Creator)
  • Andres Cardenas (Creator)
  • Dorothy Sears (Creator)
  • Zdenko Herceg (Creator)
  • Lars Van der Laan (Creator)
  • Andres Cardenas (Creator)



Abstract Metformin and weight loss relationships with epigenetic age measures—biological aging biomarkers—remain understudied. We performed a post-hoc analysis of a randomized controlled trial among overweight/obese breast cancer survivors (N = 192) assigned to metformin, placebo, weight loss with metformin, or weight loss with placebo interventions for 6 months. Epigenetic age was correlated with chronological age (r = 0.20–0.86; P
Date made available2021

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