Additional file 7: of The neoepitope landscape of breast cancer: implications for immunotherapy



Figure S5. Expressed neoepitopes (FPKM≥5) in subtypes of breast cancer. The range of expressed neoepitopes (with FPKM≥5) is highest for the TNBC, followed by HER-2(+); and lowest for the ER/PR(+)HER-2(−) subtype of breast cancer. The median and range of the number of expressed neoepitopes are: 4 (0–131) in ER/PR(+)HER-2(−), 3 (0–82) in HER-2(+) and 8 (0–230) in TNBC. The number of samples in each case are: 583 (ER/PR(+)HER-2(−)), 138 (HER-2(+)), 92 (TNBC). Significant differences between reported FPKM values are computed pairwise for each breast cancer subtype using a Wilcox rank sum test, *** P
Date made availableMar 4 2019
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