Additional file 3: of Exploring structural variation and gene family architecture with De Novo assemblies of 15 Medicago genomes

  • Joann Mudge (Contributor)
  • Thiruvarangan Ramaraj (Contributor)
  • Robert M. Stupar (Contributor)
  • Roxanne Denny (Contributor)
  • Joseph Guhlin (Contributor)
  • Peng Zhou (Contributor)
  • Kelly P. Steele (Arizona State University) (Contributor)
  • Peter Tiffin (Contributor)
  • Jason R. Miller (Contributor)
  • Kevin A T Silverstein (Contributor)
  • Junqi Liu (Contributor)
  • Nevin D. Young (Contributor)
  • Andrew Farmer (Contributor)



Supporting data file S1 (Excel spreadsheet listing the member counts of different gene families including all NBS-LRR, NCR, RLK and TE subfamilies, that are predicted in 15 de novo assemblies). (DOCX 940 kb)
Date made availableMar 27 2017
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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