Additional file 2 of Specific metabolites drive the deterministic assembly of diseased rhizosphere microbiome through weakening microbial degradation of autotoxin

  • Tao Wen (Creator)
  • Penghao Xie (Creator)
  • Christopher Penton (Creator)
  • Lauren Hale (Creator)
  • Linda S. Thomashow (Creator)
  • Shengdie Yang (Creator)
  • Zhexu Ding (Creator)
  • Yaqi Su (Creator)
  • Jun Yuan (Creator)
  • Qirong Shen (Creator)
  • Tao Wen (Creator)
  • Zhexu Ding (Creator)



Additional file 2: Supplementary Table 1. Sampling information for diseased and healthy rhizosphere soils. Supplementary Table 2. Basic sequencing data for other reports integrated into our study. Supplementary Table 3. Soil chemical properties of the two soils used for the conditioned soil experiment. Supplementary Table 4. Selected different threshold (thresholda/b: represent selected the metabolites with the relative abundance greater/less than threshold for model 1/model2 construction) for model construction. Supplementary Table 5. Grouping of metabolites according to their chemical properties. Supplementary Table 6. Pairwise Adonis for multiple pairwise comparisons of rhizosphere metabolites. Supplementary Table 7. Total of 46 metabolites were significant difference and also in the best biomarkers identified by the random forest classifier between the two groups.
Date made available2022

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