Additional file 2 of RBM45 associates with nuclear stress bodies and forms nuclear inclusions during chronic cellular stress and in neurodegenerative diseases

  • Mahlon Collins (Creator)
  • Mahlon Collins (Creator)
  • Yang Li (Creator)
  • Yang Li (St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center) (Creator)
  • Robert Bowser (Creator)



Additional file 2: Figure S2. Nuclear stress body (NSB) protein levels during conditions of cellular stress. Total protein extracts were prepared from untreated cells, heat shocked cells (42 °C for 2 h), and cells treated with the genotoxic stressor mitoxantrone (MTX; 20 μM for 6 h). Each panel shows the results of loading 10 μg of each extract and blotting for the indicated proteins with actin used as a loading control. (a) RBM45; (b) heat shock factor 1 (HSF1); (c) scaffold attachment factor B (SAFB). No statistically significant differences in the levels of RBM45, HSF1, or SAFB were detected between treatment conditions (p > 0.05).
Date made available2020

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