Additional file 2: of From grief, guilt pain and stigma to hope and pride â a systematic review and meta-analysis of mixed-method research of the psychosocial impact of stillbirth

  • Stephanie Bradley (Contributor)
  • Alexander E P Heazell (Contributor)
  • Soo Downe (Contributor)
  • Christy Burden (Contributor)
  • Alison Ellis (Contributor)
  • Claire Storey (Contributor)
  • Joanne Cacciatore (Contributor)
  • Dimitrios Siassakos (Contributor)



Thematic sentences, frequency effect sizes (FES) and quotes from extracted findings in the metasummary with all studies included in systematic review. (DOC 108Â kb)
Date made availableJan 19 2016
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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