Additional file 11 of Reference genome and transcriptome informed by the sex chromosome complement of the sample increase ability to detect sex differences in gene expression from RNA-Seq data

  • Kimberly C. Olney (Creator)
  • Sarah M. Brotman (Creator)
  • Jocelyn P. Andrews (Creator)
  • Valeria A. Valverde-Vesling (Creator)
  • Melissa Wilson (Creator)
  • Melissa A. Wilson (Creator)



Additional file 11: X chromosome regions mean and median expression values. X chromosome regions PAR1, PAR2, XTR, XDG, XAR, XCR mean and median CPM expression for male XY and female XX samples for each tissue separately when aligned to a default or sex chromosome complement informed reference genome using either HISAT and STAR. Paired t-test was used to test for significant differences in expression. XTR and XAR show a significant increase, p-value
Date made available2020
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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