Additional file 1 of Did the UN convention on the rights of the child reduce child mortality around the world? An interrupted time series analysis

  • Nishan Zewge-Abubaker (Contributor)
  • Christopher A. Tait (Contributor)
  • Abtin Parnia (Contributor)
  • Heather Smith-Cannoy (Contributor)
  • Wendy Wong (Contributor)
  • Arjumand Siddiqi (Contributor)



Additional file 1: Supplementary Table 1. WEB LOCATIONS FOR DATA SOURCES. Supplementary Table 2. Countries that Changed Democratization Categories During the Observation Period. Supplementary Table 3. Example of An Alternative Categorization Strategy: GNI Growth Rate. Supplementary Table 4. Mean GNI Across All Country Categories. Supplementary Table 5. Pre- vs. Post-Ratification Under 5 Mortality Rates by Country Income and Democracy Status.
Date made availableMay 18 2020
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