A chromatin link to caste identity in the carpenter ant Camponotus floridanus

  • Chaoyang Ye (Contributor)
  • Roberto Bonasio (Contributor)
  • Juergen Liebig (Contributor)
  • Danny Reinberg (Contributor)



The goal of this study was to assay the extent of variation in chromatin organization between 3 ant castes (major and minor female workers and males) in one colony of Camponotus floridanus carpenter ant using ChIPseq. 45 samples total: 30 ChIP samples and 3 inputs for total histone H3, 7 histone H3 PTMs and RNA Pol II in major, minor, and male ants; CBP in major and minor ants; the major H3K27ac sample was replicated. 4 ChIP samples for H3 and H3K27ac in brains of majors and minors, and 2 inputs. 2 RNAseq samples for major and minor ants head+thorax; 4 RNAseq samples for brain (majors and minors with 2 replicates each).
Date made available2012

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