X-ray line emission in Swift XRT spectra?

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We report initial results from an automated XRT spectral pipeline running at Berkeley. The data are fit in near real time and searched for emission lines. For the period between GRBs 050401 and 051117B, there are nearly 12 Msec of XRT data, which can be divided into 67 spectra each with > 500 cts. We discuss limits on Fe line emission for the bursts with measured redshifts. We find no highly significant emission lines as outliers in the overall population. However, there are interesting outliers in terms of the continuum fit parameters. From this we find evidence for thermal emission components in some of the bright XRT flares. Our automated software performs a blind search for emission lines and appears to also trigger on these regions of particularly soft spectra. This may indicate that some of the soft flare emission is in the form of lines.

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Title of host publicationGAMMA-RAY BURSTS IN THE SWIFT ERA
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StatePublished - May 19 2006
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EventGAMMA-RAY BURSTS IN THE SWIFT ERA: 16th Maryland Astrophysics Conference - Washington, D.C., United States
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OtherGAMMA-RAY BURSTS IN THE SWIFT ERA: 16th Maryland Astrophysics Conference
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