Working with engineered nanomaterials: Towards developing safe work practices

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Nanotechnology has been hailed as the next technological revolution and is poised to impact on every aspect of our lives. Through the manipulation of matter at near-atomic scales, the technology is enabling remarkable progress in many fields to produce new materials, structures and devices with unique and truly innovative properties. Although predominantly at the laboratory and pre-commercial stage, nanotechnology-based commercial products are already available, ranging from cosmetics to stain-resistant clothing. The future promises significant advances in areas as diverse as next-generation electronics, high efficiency energy conversion and storage, novel sensors and advanced medical diagnostics. As with all new technologies, exploiting the unique behavior of nanomaterials and devices also introduces the potential for unique and unforeseen health impacts. The successful and responsible development of nanotechnology is dependent on minimizing the health risk to workers and others, while maintaining public confidence in the technology. This is a daunting task, and not one that can be undertaken lightly or in isolation, critical element is the development of appropriate working procedures and strategies that reduce the potential for harmful health impact. Although current information on nanomaterial exposure, toxicity and control is sparse, we are in a position to begin formulating appropriate ways of working with nanomaterials based on the knowledge we do have at our disposal. This seminar will provide a broad overview of considerations towards developing strategies to ensure safe working practices, from federal government activities underpinning the responsible development of nanotechnology to current research addressing specific issues.

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