Wind energy landscapes: Society and technology in the california desert

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There may be no more conspicuous example of a conflictbetween society and technology thana wind energy landscape. Thefastest growing renewable energy resource in the world, wind energy has evoked a cool public response. Through the use of interviews, the published literature, governing legislation, and personal experience, this article examines this conflict near Palm Springs, California. Its purpose is to summarize and explain the opposition that developed there from the earliest days, what has been done to mitigate it, and how the local experience isreflected in similar developments elsewhere. This particular conflict between society and technology has the potential, with proper guidance, controls, and sensitivity, to diminish with time.

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JournalSociety and Natural Resources
Issue number8
StatePublished - Sep 2001


  • California
  • Desert
  • Energy
  • Land Use
  • Technology
  • Wind

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