Transformational model of well-being for serious travellers

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    This study examines the transformational prospects of yoga tourism by focusing on serious yoga travellers at a retreat centre in Rishikesh (touted as the yoga capital of the world) India. Yoga travellers participating in yoga teacher training programmes, for the purpose of knowledge advancement lasting for more than two weeks, are referred as serious travellers or yogis in this study. A three-phased approach is used: (1) pre-trip anticipation of benefits; (2) onsite transformation effects; and (3) enduring transformation after returning home. This study is exploratory in nature and its data are anchored in a survey of 23 participants at a preeminent yoga ashram in Rishikesh using positive emotions, engagement, relatedness, meaningfulness and accomplishment profiler. Furthermore, it obtains insights on the enduring transformative benefits of wellness travel, upon return home, by conducting a survey of the same cohort after a period of one year.

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    JournalInternational Journal of Spa and Wellness
    Issue number2
    StatePublished - 2022


    • COVID-19
    • PERMA model of well-being
    • transformational effects
    • Wellness tourism
    • yoga

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