The Influence of Ethnic Awareness on Ethnic Agencies

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    Based on data from a qualitative study of 13 ethnic agencies in nine communities of color, this descriptive study identifies factors that characterize ethnic agencies. Ethnic agencies support an ideology of ethnic awareness or consciousness. Community members participate in the programs of ethnic agencies because they offer shared cultures and experiences, include cultural elements, and use shared language(s). Findings demonstrate that ethnic agencies are critical components of multicultural service delivery systems. A model is presented for understanding the influences of (1) cultural and contextual factors on the evolution of ethnic agencies and (2) ethnic awareness on the goals, objectives, and services of ethnic agencies. Implications for social work research are offered.

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    JournalAdministration in Social Work
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - 2003


    • Communities of color
    • Diversity
    • Ethnic agencies
    • Ideology

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