The end of the world

Stephen Pyne

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Dome C or Dome Charlie located at East Antarctic plateau, 14,500 feet atop of ice and is the site of the Concordia Research Station. The place has no color, no movement, and no sound. The only contrast is between the ice-massed land and an ice-saturated sky. The Ice is geography's ultimate quantum, a singularity uncluttered by anything save itself. Its crystals have the purity of triple-distilled water and its clarity is close to absolute, and that clarity means almost nothing because it is about nothing. At Dome C, there is no doubt that matters and there is nothing else. The nature is immanent and immense and by itself is meaningless. The society also works only because there is an extension to another world of LC-130 transports, fuel oil, food, and wooden-floored Jamesways. Researchers are going there to have point of comparisons, to learn and to gather ideas, stories and data from beyond the horizon of the ice. Dome C, implacably passive, is finally nothing, and nothing comes from nothing especially at the end of the world.

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JournalEnvironmental History
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StatePublished - Jul 2007

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